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SHU TING was born in 1952 in Jinjiang (Fujian District). In the mid-1980s, she started experimenting with images of modernity. She won the National Poetry Prize in 1981 and 1983. Her poetry appeared in an underground literary magazine. During the “Cultural Revolution”, her father was accused of non-ideological compliance, which she sent to the countryside. Returning home, SHU TING had to work at the factory, beginning to write poems in 1969. Her first poetry collection appeared in 1982. During the “anti-spiritual” movement of 1983, as many writers who were considered subversive by the state, she was strongly criticized. Her poetry remains recognizable and distinctly feminine.

MEETING IN THE OLD PATHSuddenly the phoenix trees lean oddly, a bicycle bell chiming hangs in the air, the earth spins at top speed and it’s a night again ten years ago. The phoenix trees swayed gently then, too. A bell flung the blossoms’ smells along the throbbing avenue. Darkness closed in, then crept out from everywhere. Memories of that day fuse with seeing you now. Perhaps nothing happened, and it’s merely my fantasy, triggered by the path. Maybe everything really did happen. I’m used to things as they are and won’t cry anymore.

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