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IRIS SCOTT (1984), AMERICAN PAINTER – “She can manipulate thick paint with her fingers in ways brushes never could.”

IRIS SCOTT 1/3 – Her original oil paintings are on show in 4 US galleries, but her prints are economically accessible. She was born on a small farm near Seattle. Her parents named her Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Their home was surrounded by woodlands and she could play with many animals, build houses in the woods and create pottery with a clay. On rainy days, she learned the rules of realistic design copying photos and painting from the books borrowed from the library. http://www.irisscottfineart.com/

IRIS SCOTT 2/3 – At age 7 she drew a frog on a wooden brick and her parents were astonished as far as that frog was realistic. During her university studies she had learned the use of charcoal and pastel colors, but also watercolors, oils, acrylics and clay. With this preparation, while living in Taiwan, she wanted to finish a yellow flowers oil painting, but her brushes were dirty. She was keen to quickly complete her job, took a few swipes at the canvas with oils squeezed right upon her fingertips and she liked the results. Her palette is full of rainbow colors and she uses the tip of her fingers, as if they were clay. At Adelman Fine Art https://adelmanfineart.com/artist/iris-scott/ you can see and buy what she created.

IRIS SCOTT 3/3 – After graduating at the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Washington State), she received a master’s degree in teaching in 2009, but her artistic vocation had far-reaching roots. The work of this painter is a celebration of all wild, either painting landscapes, urban scenes or dogs, which shake their tail. https://vimeo.com/112594948

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