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In the southwest of the province of Antwerp, you can visit Sint-Amands, https://www.belgium.be/nl/contactinfo_en_sites/Gemeenten/sint-amands where Schelde naturally determines the city’s boundary. This border is a true tourist attraction with dams, where you can ride bicycles (or walk for miles) and with water, which is ideal for canoeists or water skiers. The Belgian poet Émile Verhaeren was born in Sint-Amands in 1855. At the age of eleven he was sent to Ghent to study at a Jesuit college, then graduating from law school at the University of Louvain (tried Only two cases in a courtroom), devoting his time to literature. https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/celui-du-rien/ He is a poet, who wrote in French and for him the immediate goal of the poet was to express himself, while the media objective was to reach the beautiful.

INFINITELYThe hounds of despair, the hounds of the autumnal wind, gnaw with their howling the black echoes of evenings. The darkness, immensely, gropes in the emptiness for the moon, seen by the light of water. From point to point, over there, the distant lights, and in the sky, above, dreadful voices coming and going from the infinity of the marshes and planes to the infinity of the valleys and the woods. And roadways that stretch out like sails and pass each other, coming unfolded in the distance, soundlessly, while lengthening beneath the stars, through the shadows and the terror of the night.

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