THE WHITE CASTLE – Orhan Pamuk’s novel

In search of the melancholic soul of his hometown and discovering new symbols to represent clashes and ties between different cultures, in 2006 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Orhan Pamuk – a writer, academic and Turkish essayist – was born in Istanbul in 1952. His novels are suspended between fairy tale and real, mirroring Turkey yesterday and today. Spending his life on the European shore of Istanbul and looking at the other continent on the shore in front, he always reminded him of his place in the world. One day was built a bridge, which connected two shores of the Bosphorus, and he understood, that the best thing “is to be a bridge between two shores”.

The White Castle is a novel set in the seventeenth century, an era in which an Italian scholar (narrator of the story) is captured by pirates and sold as a slave to a Turkish astrologer Hoja. The two look like drops of water, but their bond became deeper, when two worlds and two different cultures find themselves and collaborate together. It is a metaphor of the relationship between East and West. Sultan Mohammed IV had entrusted them with the construction of a powerful war machine. In the years that follow, the slave instructs his master in Western science and technology, from medicine to pyrotechnics.

But master wants to know more: knowledge of each other’s most intimate secrets, they could actually exchange identities. They work on the weapon for the next six years. During this time, the Italian is shocked at how much Hoja knows about his past, and his mannerisms, and can imitate him perfectly. The narrator has nightmares about his loss of identity. The weapon is completed in time for a siege, but during the war in Poland the machine did not work. The union of men broke and only one of them has returned to Turkey. But who? The intellectual property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors.

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