The Dordogne? No part of France is so impassioned by its culinary heritage as this deeply gourmet idyll in the rural south-west. Your personal enlightenment can find one special autumn as you wander on the Saturday-morning market in Périgueux. But, complete insider’s guide to the Dordogne (including hotels, restaurants, things to do, attractions, camping and glamping sites), maybe need something to add. Before leaving, the ingredients which can not miss in a perfect suitcase are books to read on the go. They have the power to make you dream during the waiting time. The trips help you to discover new ways of seeing things and books are the perfect allies to travel with the thought.

THE MADMAN OF BERGERAC – Novel, by George Simenon

He recalled his travelling companion’s agitated sleep – was it really sleep? His sighs and his sobbing. Then the two dangling legs, the patent-leather shoes and hand-knitted socks . . . An insipid face. Glazed eyes. And Maigret was not surprised to see a grey beard eating into his cheeks. A distressed passenger leaps off a night train and vanishes into the woods.

DEADLY SLIPPER – Novel, by Michelle Wan

Nearly twenty years have passed since Mara Dunn disappeared while on a hiking holiday in southwestern France. Mara remains determined to find out what happened but her only real clue is a sequence of wild orchids. With the help of Julian Wood (a reclusive English botanist), she begins her search, stumbling into decades worth of local secrets and putting herself in danger. Rich in lush descriptions of the Dordogne, and laden with savory details of French cooking, the novel is rife with surprising twists and turns.

SKELETON DANCE – Novel, by Aaron Elkins

“There is a small village in France that is well known for pate de foie gras . . .and bones.” Professor Gideon Oliver knows bones. That’s why the mild-mannered sometime-investigator is the forensic specialist the Chief Inspector in Les Eyzies calls when a local dog emerges from a nearby cave carrying parts of a human skeleton. But murder piles on murder following Gideon’s arrival, as his him quickly, into the darkest corners of the scientific community … and sets him on a shocking trail of death, greed, and deception nearly forty thousand years in the making.

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