THE FLORENTINE BEEFSTEAK – The rules to treat it well

A cut of beef meat, with specific preparation offers you one of the most famous dishes of Tuscan cuisine. A Florentine steak should be treated with respect, that is, without excessive fluctuations in temperature, because it is the most valuable cut of meat you can eat. You will not find a Florentine steak, when you’re invited to a barbecue with many people. Around the table, the better to be few: 6, maximum 10 people (with four, five Florentine by a pound and a half, you can satisfy all your guests). Perfect must be the preparation and cooking of meat! Avoid pulling the steaks out of the fridge to put them immediately on the hot grill (meat should be pulled out of the fridge at least four hours before cooking). Why? Rising the temperature, not the steaks will lose liquid during cooking.

Do not forget that it is a cut of meat high, as cook on the grill or on the grill, with doneness “blood”. Keep paper towels near you (it will be helpful to dry the steaks, before putting them on the grill). Drying is used to remove the moisture that would make imperfect the first burn on the grill (that humidity lowers the temperature of the grid, while the Florentine must be crisp cut). Rub with extra virgin olive oil for your steaks, before putting them on the grill. Massaging the steaks with oil, the outside of the steak will have crisper (also, you will have no residues of meat that remain attached to the grid). Salt? Coarse salt, you will need to put it at the end of cooking, if you do not want to run the risk of bringing to the table a steak dry and hard.

This type of steak, you get the cut of beef sirloin steak Chianina (lower back, mid-back and part of the tail). Put the grid in about ten centimeters from the coals (ie the distance to well-cook meat without carbonizzarla). Expects the flames disappear, then recline the steaks on the grill. How you should cook your Florentine? Use a clock. If you want a medium rare, keep the Florentine 8-9 minutes per side (but also 3-4 minutes in a vertical position). Right thing, you do not pierce the steak with a fork (come out the juices that make it delicious). If you spend money on the steaks do not skimp on the choice of a good red wine. Where can you find a good Chianti? but it’s possibly a wine that is not dominated in taste and odor from your precious fuorentine steaks.

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