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WELCOME TO SUNNY NERINGA – At one time, this was a fishing village

nida.1.1Welcome to Nida, Lithuania. At one time, this was a fishing village, overlooking the beautiful peninsula of Neringa (a strip of land separating the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea). Today, as you are also able to see, Nida is a tourist center, with beautiful beaches and white sand dunes, all surrounded by pine forests. http://www.lithuania.travel/en-gb/ What to see? nida.2.1We can start from the Fisherman’s Ethnographic Homestead in Nida (where the fisherman’s everyday life is being represented on the fisherman farmstead of XIX – XX centuries). There are also exhibited furniture, utensils and other equipment used for housekeeping. nida.3.1Do you want to visit the Mizgiris Amber Gallery? Nice, I’m happy that you like to go where know the History of Baltic amber, its formation, inclusions, variety of colors, manufacturing and modern amber jewelry (there is exhibited reconstructed Juodkrantė Amber treasure collection). Do you want to see an cormorants colony? We can go to see the herons and cormorants colony, near Juodkrantė. This is really one of the largest colonies of gray herons and cormorans in Europe (maybe 582 gray heron and 1361 cormorant pairs nested here, now). One special performance starts at 17:00, at the Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre “Agila” (Taikos st. 4, Neringa, Nida). nida.4.1El Nucleo/Nonstop with various disciplines (duration 45‘, suitable for children), it is freely flowing and organic, simple and sincere energy, an unforgettable, interactive circus show, where the main point is a game and connection between actors and the viewers. Where to stay? Naglių g. 24, Nida 93123 http://www.priejuros.lt/en/accommodation/cottage-rent-in-nida-658/ Holiday cottage in Nida on the shore of Curonian lagoon, and 4-8 persons can stay in the holiday cottage.logo Meeting Benches

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