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EATING INSIDE THE CLASSICAL TRADITION – Brasserie Les Haras / 23 rue des Glacières, Strasbourg

haras1.1Looking for privacy? Looking for an elegant and welcoming environment that can turn into a private room during your event? In an exceptional setting in the heart of Strasbourg, near the historic district of “La Petite France”, you can rediscover the unique charm of Haras, a prestigious hotel, but also a Brasserie, orchestrated by Marc Haeberlin, faithful to the spirit of the place. For lunch you can go to the Brasserie Les Haras, a restaurant in the 18th-century building that once housed a riding academy and a stud farm. After you cross the stately, classically lovely courtyard, it was something of a shock to enter the ultramodern interior, pale wood bent in circles and spirals, like a spaceship about to launch from inside the austere stone walls. On the ground floor, the bar welcomes you. Place of contemplation, between the magnificent paved courtyard of the Rhine pebbles and the staircase leading Jouin Manku. It is in this unique space that you are welcomed for a relaxing moment with a drink or some tapas. Built in the mid-eighteenth century, the former National Stud Strasbourg is a remarkable collection, including facades, roofs, the monumental gate and large stable, made in the classic tradition, are classified as historical monuments.logo Meeting Benches

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