worchestershire.1.1You’ll have to travel 30 km to the northeast, leaving Stratford-on-Avon behind you, to get to Winchcombe and its sixteenth century castle.  That architectural marvel, it houses the memory of a famous woman, Catherine Parr, last wife of Henry VIII. To know where that woman from 1548 rests, you will need to enter the chapel of the castle, where she is buried. Looking for something special architecturally? You can go to the nearby church of St. Peter, to admire its beautiful medieval stained glass. Among the remains of an ancient Cistercian abbey of 1246, and you can also enter the Hailes Abbey Museum, really full of historical memories. http://www.cotswolds.info/places/winchcombe.shtmlwhorchester.2.1

When the time comes to know if you arrived in Worcestershire, you will be in Broadway, greeted by a very picturesque village (built with stone and half-timbered houses).  Still 10 km to the north west, to get to the Avon River and the city of Evesham, where you can savor the memories related to what remains of another Benedictine Abbey (do not forget to take pictures, or paint, its magnificent Gothic tower). Still a pretty medieval town? You can go to Chipping Campden (Gloucestershire), which is waiting for you a gothic church – that of St. James – with incredibly high pillars, along with a chapel where the story seems to stop.http://www.broadway-cotswolds.co.uk/whorchester.3.1

No, you’re not in Rome but in Cirencester (a city of Roman origin), and to see what’s left of those days, you can enter the Corinium Museum.  Something special to add to your travel memories? Market Place and his villa of 1718 (pure Elizabethan), the church of St. John the Baptist (one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in England). If you want to bring home the scent of this your trip, try to to head eastwards. Only nine miles separating you from Fairford and its tasty meats. a.MB logohttp://www.cotswolds.info/places/cirencester.shtml Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way. All you have to do is have the time of your life. Meeting Benches. The way to making the world a better place is easy.


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