MASTERPIECES OF ART IN THE CENTURIES / PARIS – Musée Marmottan Monet: Impression, Sunrise, by ClaudeMonet

monet1.1Claude Monet, was a famous French painter whose work gave a name to the art movement Impressionism, which was concerned with capturing light and natural forms. He was born on 1840, in Paris. After 1874, a critic insultingly dubbed Monet’s painting style “Impression,” since it was more concerned with form and light than realism. He struggled with depression and illness throughout his life, and died in 1926. Impression, Sunrise. That painting is attributed to giving rise to the name of the Impressionist movement. Painting by Claude Monet, depicts the port of Le Havre at sunrise, and as you can see the two small rowboats (in the foreground and the red sun), being the focal elements. The hazy scene of “Impression, Sunrise”, strayed from traditional landscape painting and classic, becoming idealized beauty. You can admire this painting at the Musée Marmottan Monet Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way. All you have to do is have the time of your life. Meeting Benches. The way to making the world a better place is easy.a.MB logo


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