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THE UNPREDICTABLE WORLD OF A PAINTER – Carlo Salomoni, becoming a professional painter, with a degree in general surgery

1POST.4CARLO SALOMONI 1/3 – He is an Italian artist, born in December day in Ferrara. He is a graduate from the medical faculty, but decides to leave the medical activity, becoming a professional artist. His paintings are mentioned in art catalogues and auctions. All his paints, have origin in surrealism, art fantasy and magic realism. Looking his paints, you can discover a world of dreams, where reality and fantasy are melted.5POST.3

CARLO SALOMONI 2/3 – Carlo Salomoni he started his artist career producing art objects, also realizing replicas of famous painters in different epoch times (from the year 600 to 900). He realizes oil paints, but also mixed techniques and acrylics over fabric, paper, clay, Chinese ink designs. He also realizes paint and decorations for fashion accessories in leather and clothes (shoes, belts and bags).12POST.2

CARLO SALOMONI 3/3 – Thanks to his inexhaustible creativity and fantasy, creating cycles of different masterpieces, with the guaranty of originality in every and each of his artistic works. In his creative work, he always faces several existential themes. He likes to focus icons belonging to everyday life, but also capture sensations floating in the dream world. 20POST.1

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