WELCOME TO THE MILL OF INFERSA – Sicily, Trapani Laguna: a refreshing swim, or relax over a crust of salt? You choose

WELCOME.1.1If you’re planning a trip to Sicily, add this information to your program. Yes, certainly worth a visit the mill of Infersa, what – together with two other mills – is part of a themed walk in the salt marshes “Ettore e Infersa”. Coming, discover the visitor center and shop the rooms, you can give yourself a gastronomic tasting, but the most intriguing thing is another: you can stay in a small hotel, where you immerse yourself in a relaxing bath, or lie down on a crust of salt. http://www.italia.it/en/discover-italy/sicily.html

WELCOME2.1They can be glimpsed along the coast connecting Trapani to Marsala (Sicily in the west), and they have all been built in the sixteenth century, to grind the salt, or to pump sea water from one tank to another. They, the ancient windmills – all with six blades, fully functional – arise in the salt marshes of the Lagoon of Trapani, in the heart of the natural reserve of Stagnone. Do not forget that this is an area rich in history, opposite the island of Mozia, one that offers unforgettable horizons, dotted with mills, erected on top of the towers of the castles on the heights. http://beyondgondolas.com/2014/07/31/la-via-del-sale-from-trapani-to-marsala-to-enjoy-a-creative-salt-tasting-and-a-stunning-panorama/

WELCOME3.1They have been restored, and some of them are waiting for you to sleep. The Infersa mill (nearly 13 meters high, star-shaped), dates back to the sixteenth century and is among the largest in the area. It sings an old melody, and his role is the same: embrace the wind, to work the salt. The wooden gears, determine the rotational speed of the millstones. Going up in the top compartment, you will see the mill to produce flour. http://www.imuliniresort.com/


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