PARADISE IN MINIATURE – Koufonissi, Greece: falling asleep, listening to the wind

paradise1.1A Paradise in miniature, is a place hard to forget. One of the most beautiful Greek islands, with only 4 square kilometers of surface. It is a quiet island, no traffic, but with many beautiful beaches (and an elegant nightlife for those who do not sleep). The inhabitants have always lived by fishing, but they do their best to refurbish roads and houses before every summer, even for you. Do you want to live a different hospitality? Good. The tiny Koufonissi, you can stay in a real mill. The structure -tonda and compact -from ten years is part of a residence (Windmill Villas), that offers every comfort, with a picturesque view of the sea, where the water is incredibly transparent.

The panoramic view is exciting, so that leaves you breathless. That the windmill structure – which dates back to 1830 – gives you exciting sea holidays, in the Cyclades Islands, south of Naxos. The Greek island of Koufonissi has two small parts (Kato, deserted and wild, and Ano where, on the southwestern coast, is the only town). The lagoon Pori is the most beautiful place. There is also a boat that takes you on a few smaller islands, off Koufonissi, all islands have excellent beaches. When you arrive, I will I am sure, you will see your old windmill on top of the hill. He welcomes those who love the sea, and the voice of silence.



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