EATING INTO THE REALM OF KITSCH – Moeders Restaurant, Amsterdam: you can order a tasting menu

eating1.1When your geographical horizon extends – for business or pleasure – you have the wonderful opportunity to hear you inside, as well as the Vitruvian Man reminds us. A perfectly proportioned man (created by Leonardo da Vinci), correlating the symmetry of human anatomy to the symmetry of the universe. What you see, hear, eat and feel, it’s all inside the Vitruvian approach to life. One of the pleasures of the trip is undoubtedly the discovery of the local culinary delights. During your stay in the Netherlands do not miss the chance to discover and appreciate the many Dutch specialties.eating2.1

The restaurant Moeders in Amsterdam is the realm of kitsch, the menu is full of Dutch classics, and its walls are plastered with photos of mothers. Speak no Dutch, nor the English one? No problem: you can order a tasting menu, with tastings of different flow rates. Let’s try? Good. We have to go in Rozengracht 251, on any day of the week, at a time between 17.00 and 01.00. It is not mandatory to call to book (but this is the phone: 0206267957), if you want information, click on:


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