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CHINESE POEMS: Warm spring expands, while raising clouds


In the deep night vigil

the moonlight cuts through men and houses,

the Great Bear cross the skies in the north,

Sagittarius declines in the south.

On this night I mean better

the warm air of spring:

entry of insects again penetrates

the green veil of the window.

(Liu Fang-P’ing)


The network image, launched, widens

more and more: the thought patrols

deeper and deeper.

The writer offers the fragrance of fresh flowers,

an abundance of buds blooming.

Twenty raise vivid metaphors;

clouds rise.

(Lu Ji)


Deep sleep spring does not see the sunrise.

Around it sounds of singing birds.

A night downpour of rain and wind:

the flowers fell, how many?

(Meng Hao-jan)

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