EXPRESSIVE BRUSHSTORKES FOR REALISTIC PAINTINGS: Chen Yifei, combination of both Western and Eastern influences

18post1CHEN YIFEI 1/4 – He was born in in Ningbo (coastal Zhejiang Province).   Famous Chinese classic painter, he is a central figure in the development of Chinese oil painting. He was famous for his big Mao portraits and depiction of grand heroic events of the modern Chinese nation. In his oil paintings, he abandoned his uncritical glorification of the party, to blend realistic technique and romanticism with Chinese subject matter.

CHEN YIFEI 2/4 – Although he was denounced for capitalist behavior, its talent of oil painting techniques won him recognition by the authorities. As you can observe, his characteristic romantic Realism paintings use dark and dense colors, and convey a sense of richness and integrity. Its artistic career began soon after graduating from the Shanghai College of Art.2post2

CHEN YIFEI 3/4 – He soon became one of the leading painters of the cultural revolution. He studied in the United States for several years and then returned to Shanghai where he stayed and worked incessantly In Shanghai, he was to study Russian artists and Socialist Realism, China’s official art style at the time.

CHEN YIFEI 4/4 – After the Cultural Revolution, he became the forerunner of a new age in Chinese aesthetics, promoting a new sense of modernity and lifestyle in his paintings. He often traveled to Tibet, and painted Impressionist landscapes in his native province.

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