WELCOME TO ATHLONE: Westmeath, central Ireland, a river and a lake, next to Celtic crosses and ancient legends

westmeath.1True. At one time the city was famous for its castle, but what I want to talk to you is a different thing: the beauty of what encompasses this corner of Ireland. First, my suggestion is to walk next to what remains of its ancient walls (without losing the charm of what remains of an old Franciscan monastery). A trip to Lough Ree (a lake north of the city, for me the most beautiful of my country), full of tiny islands, you can visit by boat, but do not lose the charm of an old castle (to Rinndown), which towering above a peninsula, on the west bank of the lake. http://www.discoverireland.ie/Tourist-Item-Pages/Tourist-Information-Offices

monolite.1Clonmacnoise. Perhaps, for you this is only a name, but for us Irish – September 9 – his church is the most important of Ireland, always full of pilgrims, in that special period. Although in ruins, its ancient cathedral will offer the suggestion of precious memories, linked to the masterpieces of his miniatures. Do not forget to stop in front of the cathedral to observe the “Great Cross”, a huge monolith over a thousand years pilgrims offers its elaborate scenes carved into the rock. Of course, all around there are other churches, but my advice is to wait for the sunset, next to this stone, before going to Roscommon, a town where you can stop to eat and sleep. http://www.athlone.ie/


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