JOURNEY IN GREECE – The north eastern Aegean islands

Thassos and Samothrace, Limnos and Lesvos, Chios, Samos and Ikaria. Seven islands that – almost like a mosaic – reveal a complex natural and historical landscape, where memories Byzantine, Genoese and Ottoman open your eyes. Monasteries and small villages, castles, mountains and forests of pine, olive and cypress trees. But also beautiful springs and waterfalls of crystal clear water, rocky beaches or arena thin as silk. Many, indeed, there are many opportunities in this archipelago, but if you’re already tired – before leaving – even now I offer you some advice: start your holiday in the small island of Fourni, ideal to relax, without thinking about anything. greciaNE1.1

Obviously, when you’re ready to pick up the wonders of these islands, be sure to go to Thassos – the white island – where beaches and monuments are made of white marble. Nature lover? You can not give up going to Samothrace. Love peace? Nothing better than Limnos, between traditional villages and amazing beaches. To visit Lesvos, you will need to have good legs, but your hard work will certainly reciprocated by what you see. If this is your first experience in the archipelago, my advice is to start from Samos (or Chios, where the weather is cooler). Maybe you belong to the select group of nature lovers? Well, I have one that is suitable to you: Ikaria, Psara or Fourni.


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