THE IMMENSE WONDER OF POSTOJNA: Slovenia, in the heart of Europe, for a pleasant stay, but also to visit the most beautiful caves in the world

Are known already by the middle ages, but it is only since 1930 that those caves formed by the river Pivka, donated to us all 8 km of moisture and immense astonishment. Use a small train, 5 km of wonderful looking caves. Velika dvorama cave and the ancient names, up to the Congressional Hall where your train will stop, because you will be arrived at Big Mountain. On your legs, you will enter in Koncertna dvorama (where you can take a good hot coffee, and maybe buy some souvenirs), but then begin-curious and amazed-at Velika gora, to Lepe jame.
In that underground paradise, the Curtain opens your eyes a tank, where a former inhabitant of these depths-even though he has no eyes-perhaps listen to your presence and your amazement.

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