DREAMING OF THE ISLAND OF AEGINA: Greece, between pine forests and vineyards, the Temple of Aphaea.

afea1.1This strip of Greece is famous for its pottery, but if you love the pistachio nuts, you already have two good reasons to come on the island. Romans and Byzantines, Catalans, Venetians and Turks have left something of themselves, but after you have visited the archaeological museum, my advice is to make 7 km. Come to Paleohora, you’ll find what remains of 20 churches (don’t miss a visit to the Church of Agios Georgios Katholikos, partly dug into the rock). If you have good legs, you can get to the top of the Hill, for a breathtaking view from the top of the Venetian castle. Over a hill, you’ll find–possibly at sunset-a Greek temple by 25 centuries waiting, that of aphaea. Architraved columns, cell anfiprostila stand, but no pediments with 17 sculptures, currently preserved in the Gallery of Munich. Before leaving, some advice: close your eyes and breathe deeply. Something special will remain within you.

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