MOUNT ATHOS, GREECE: A thin isthmus, not only geographically

1.1In the easternmost of the three peninsulas Calcidiche, including famous Byzantine monasteries, you can find a piece of particular Greece, where democracy seems to doze. Even now, I can tell you that – visiting this place so special – you’ll face two labors: a physical, the other mental. The beauty and integrity of the area, will be your reward. To enter (as befits a place that has distanced himself from the hectic social life), you will need to have a special access permit, but noted that since the year 1060, women can not enter.2.1

This small monastic republic is housed in two types of monasteries (Cenobi and Idiorritmi), while the most inaccessible places, live hermits and Sarabaites. You will come with a boat to Karie, where you will see the Church of Protalon and its frescoes. If you want to walk (5 hours of course), and you expect Hilandariou Vatopediou, Iviron and Great Lavra. Good hike, but I can not accompany you. Hello by Athanasia.



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