CASTLES OF SLOVAKIA: Eleven legendary shades around Trencin

Trencin1Trencin Caste is one of the largest castles in Slovakia. A legend tells the story of the castle well, called The Well of Love, dug by a Turkish soldier, in order ti free his beloved fatima from captivity.Hrad Beckov - Slovensko

Beckov Castle. One legend says the built of the castle for an jester Becko, another about an Becko’s executed people by throwing from the castle rock.

bojnice1Bojnice Castle is the first mentioned in the 12th century. A well know legend says that King Matthias liked to sit under the lime tree at Bojnice Castle. He used to receive his people there, and decide about matters brought to him.cachtice1

Cachtice Castle, in the 14th century is mentioned as a royal castle. The castle became infamous because of the atrocities of Elisabeth Bathory. During one ofthe uprisings of the estates lead by Francis II Rakoczi, the castle was sieged, and in 1708 it was burned down.

koseca1Koseca Castle. In 1323 Demeter de Nechte owned it. The Illeshazys and Motesickys inherited later in time. The banker Shenk bought the manor from he Motesicky family.lednica1

Lednica Castle was originally a monastery. There are many legends about monks living in the monastery on the rock, burglarious knights, love, betrayal and pain connected with the castle and the village below it.

povazsky1Povazsky Castle is burned down in 1543, but was restored again. The Balas family were the next owners, but they lost itafter they were convicted of plotting against the king together with Imre Tokoly. Under the Saparys and Poppers the castle went gradually to ruins.sivy kamen1

Sivy Castle is mentioned for the first time in 1352. A legend is told about the beautiful Julia who loved the lord of the castle, Blazej. Blazej saved the life of King Sigismund during a battle against theTurks. Sigismund’s wife Barbara fell in love with him at the royal court.

Tematin Castle is mentioned as early in the 13th century as a strategically important castle in the Vah valley. Some legends were preserved until the present day. One ofthem tells the story ofthe Tematin dragon, another of general Bercsenyi, and third one of a virgin in love with a shepherd.uhrovec1

Uhrovec Castle, is mentioned in 1295 as the possessionof Peter, Baas’s son. During the 18th century the castle was deserted and went to tuins. There is a legend about the brave castle lady Theresa who resisted, with a few of her loyal retinue, a huge Turkish siege until she finally won.

vrsatec1Vrsatec Castle is situated on the Slovak/Moravian border. A beautiful legend exists which tells the story of Imrich  Vrsatecky and his wife. This story of love, faithfulness and rectitude gives account ofthe war against theTurks.


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