UNITED COLORS OF THE SEA: Joyful seagulls and fish friends, children playing among the mirrors of light, waiting for the storms, inside sea shells


SEAGULLS – Basho: The sea darkens. The cries of the gulls, are just white.






RELENTLESS – H. Melville: Relentless I, the old and relentless sea. Relentless, much more, when serene smile. Welcomed, but not tamed, by thousands and thousands of shipwrecks in me. 2.1







DISTANT SHIPS – V. Aleixandre: Oh fish friends, tell me the secret of your eyes open, my eyes that sboccavano in the sea, to hold the keels of ships far.






WONDERFUL SHELLS – Alceo: Oh seashell, daughter of stone and sea whitish, you, surprised the mind of children.






THOUSAND YEARS – E. Pietraforte: The sea, the beach courts. Are a thousand year old playing, and are not tired.





OCEANS – P. B. Shelley: Oversized sea! Whose waves are years. Ocean of Time, whose waters of deep mourning, are savory, salt of human tears.





SHINING FROTH – C. Vasio: On the ridges, the foam is shining more light, more light than the mirrors can reflect ever.






ON THE BEACH – E. Diktonius: On the beach, one day I found myself, with the hand of the sea, in mine. On the undertow, a voice that said, “We, the survivors.”





A SHELL – F. Garcia Lorca: They brought me a shell. Inside, sings a sea of map. My heart is filled with water, with fish of shadow and silver. They took me to a shell.







ANOTHER PORT – F. Pessoa: Ah, who knows, who knows if they are not party, a time before me, from a pier, if I have not left the ship in the sun, oblique dawn, another kind of port?





STORMS – MJ Lermontov: Glimmers sailing solo. And it, rebellious, invokes the storms, as if there was peace in the storms.


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