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WITH HANDS OF HAI ZI: Sometimes, hands in the wheat field, make you happy

mani1YOUR HANDS – by Hai Zi


Drawing your hands

The hand picks off a glove

They’re just two small lamps.”




grano1SOMETIMES – by Hay Zi

“Sometimes I sit alone

in the wheat field of May      dreaming of my brothers

I see cobblestones roll over the riverbank

The arc sky at dusk

fills the earth with sad villages

Sometimes I sit in the wheat field reciting Chinese poetry

My eyes disappear, my lips disappear.”



“Starting tomorrow, I will be a happy person

Feed a horse, split logs, travel the world

Starting tomorrow, I will care for crops and vegetables

I have a house; it faces the sea, and flowers bloom in spring warmth

Starting tomorrow, I will contact every relative

to tell them about my happiness

As that lightning bolt of happiness told me

I will tell each and every person

Give every river and every mountain a warmhearted name

As for strangers, I wish you happiness too

I wish you a glittering future

I wish you a lover who becomes a spouse

I wish that you obtain happiness in this world

I wish only to face the sea, where flowers bloom in spring warmth.”

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