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WHEN TIME WAS A VINDICTIVE BANDIT – Raffaello / When one is painting one does not think.

Looking faces without rippled flesh, burning gums and empty sockets. When he died, a crack shook the Vatican buildings, while the sky was filled with dark clouds. Famous at a very young age, RAFFAELLO gathered around him a team of artists to work on the many works that were commissioned. Thanks to a careful study of the psychology of the …

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RAFFAELLO SANZIO, ITALIAN PAINTER AND ARCHITECT – A leading figure of Italian High Renaissance classicism.

When more serene and harmonious qualities are regarded as the highest models. The collections belonging to the National Gallery of the Marche, are on display in Ducal Palace built for the Duke Federico, where next to his own rooms (between the twin turrets), he had a study built using wood inlay. The museum’s prestige is linked to the masterpieces of …

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