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CREATIVITY, DEPTH AND SERIOUS APPROACH OF MUSIC – Leonard Bernstein, the vibrating spirit of orchestral scores with a light nature

Prepare a generation of Americans to love music Walking Lawrence, Massachusetts, do visit Eli’s Place at 267 Merrimack St https://www.elisplace.net/. You will find small breakfast joint located on a busy corner where order the quintessential New England item: sweet and tasty baked beans. If you are obsessed by murals and street art, you can loved murals in Lawrence https://www.thumbtack.com/ma/lawrence/mural-painter/, driving …

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THE MARCH OF THE PALIO DI SIENA – Pietro Formichi, the author of a famous and highly played march

Where a famous porch enhances musical acoustics What not to miss during a trip to Tuscany? The Chianti area, between small villages and abbeys, to devote yourself to good food and good wine. Val d’Orcia, characterized by sinuous hills dotted with cypresses and vineyards. Florence, an open-air museum that houses priceless works. Siena https://www.discovertuscany.com/siena/tourist-info/, a medieval city known worldwide for …

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FARMER AND FLUTIST, PERFORMER, SINGER AND ACTOR – Robert Mirabal: All i see are dark dreary rain clouds, but it’s okay because the sun always sets like an indian

On stage with a hand drum, singing a traditional Tiwa song In every corner of New Mexico, visitors can find festivals, performances, concerts and music. Among its annual music events, Taos Solar Music Festival https://taos.org/events/music-festivals/, you offers entertainment from the best of national and regional artists each June. Many musicians call Taos home, and its energetic wineries and brewpubs bring …

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