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A FUSION OF PABLO PICASSO AND DIEGO RIVERA – Djoko Pekik, or, struggling and pushing the boundaries of art

Painting happy victims and thieves who rob them Born in Grobogan (Purwodadi, Central Java) in 1937, he received an art education at the Indonesian Fine Arts Academician in Yogjakarta. With prices ranging from just over 1000 to over 40.000 USD, his paintings have been offered for auction multiple times. From his point of view, art can help eradicate the characteristics …

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CHINESE BRUSHES AND WESTERN VISUAL CONVENTIONS – Lee Man Fong, the painter who lived among experiments, reflections and corrections

Lit subjects, vigorous brushstrokes and rich colors From the age of 16, he learned the techniques of oil painting and his first oil painting of 1929 showed an aptitude for perspective. The work of Lee Man Fong http://www.artnet.com/artists/lee-man-fong/, an Indonesian painter of Chinese descent, fuses Chinese ink painting with 17th-century Dutch paintings. His elegant representations of the Balinese people focused …

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A NEW PATH IN REALISM – Popo Iskandar: Painter, educator of fine arts and art critic

A very essential painter in capturing his subjects Do you want to know the soul of a people? See what they paint. Realism is an artistic movement that developed in France with the impulse of Gustave Courbet, Daumier and Millet, but was born in Holland in the seventeenth century, as an attention connected to the observation of the surrounding reality. …

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