THE HUMAN REPRESENTATIONS OF AN INNOVATIVE ARTIST – Jatin Das, human forms and colors full of emotional nuances

Painting around the man-woman relationship In 2012, he was conferred the India’s highest civilian award for his contribution to art. He is counted with reverence among India’s contemporary artists, shining like the northern star in the various venues of creative expression. Starting 2001, Jatin Das mural The Journey of India https://www.inditales.com/visiting-the-parliament/, waiting for you at Indian Parliament, in Delhi. Counted …

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PAINTING VIOLENCE’S DARK SUBJECTS – Ganesh Pyne: A Painter of Eloquent Silence

Among notable artists of the Bengal School of Art When the reality of Calcutta enters an image, it becomes representation. We perceive it with different eyes. An image is worth a thousand words, because your passions only include images. We are much more sensitive to visual cues than any other type of signal. Therefore, our journey into Kolkata creativity http://www.transindiatravels.com/west-bengal/kolkata/museums-in-kolkata/ …

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TO BECOME A CULTURAL HERO – Tyeb Mehta, one of the priciest Indian artists ever.

Art of hope and despair. During Indian-Pakistan partition of 1947, he witnessed a mob stoning a man to death. This left an indelible impression he would later portray on his canvases. He was born on a July day, 1925 in Kapadvanj (Gujarat), but his family moved to Bombay while he was still young. TYEB METHA developed a liking towards art, …

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