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ANSELM KIEFER (1945), GERMAN PAINTER – The Neo-Expressionist artist who draws with unusual media

FROM THE BLACK FOREST TO THE VISUAL ART – Anselm Kiefer: the big trip of German painter ANSELM KIEFER 1/3 – He is Artist of the Neo-Expressionism. His works incorporate materials such as straw, ash, clay, lead and shellac. He, the son of an art teacher, was born during the final months of World War II. He was raised in …

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GEORG TAPPERT (1880/1957), GERMAN PAINTER – One of the masters of German Expressionism

DESIGNING THE WORLD OF THE SHOW – Georg Tappert: when artistic expression is born among ballet dancers and street prostitutes GEORG TAPPERT 1/3 – With his pictures of dancers, woman of demi-monde and street prostitutes, he was one of the first German artists to discover the world of the show. In his creative expression he was one of the …

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AUGUST FRIEDRICH SIEGERT (1820/1883), GERMAN PAINTER – Charming realistic paintings

DREAMING ON THE WINDOWSILL – The 19th Century Realism painted by August Friedrich Siegert AUGUST FRIEDRICH SIEGERT 1/2 – He attended the Düsseldorf Art Academy. From 1846 to 1848 he traveled through Holland, France and Italy. He lived some years in Neuwied, where he painted portraits. In 1851 he settled in Düsseldorf, where he was the owner of a Master’s …

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OSKAR SCHLEMMER (1883/1943), GERMAN PAINTER – When the actors are transfigured from the normal to geometrical shapes

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