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THE REDISCOVERY OF AN ANCIENT ATTITUDE – Five ways to understand Chinese creativity

Chinese fashion, between sorghum and ducks, melodies and an expressionist painter Creativity is the ability to create using an original through imaginative skills. Today’s Chinese culture is comprised of large array of traditions and innovations, all of which are in constant interaction, creating shifting patterns. The Cultivation of Creativity in the Chinese Culture have roots of its rise to …

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EXPRESSIONISM, BETWEEN SOCIAL UPHEAVALS AND EMOTIONS – Zeng Fanzhi, the artist heavily influenced by physical and emotional circumstances

A desire for research between Asian art and western influences Walking, here you can clearly perceive the contrast between the present and the past. This place in Beijing takes its name from a factory that was born there in the 1950s. In 2003, the place was designate by American Time Magazine as one of the top 22 most famous places …

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PHOTOGRAPHING THE POVERTY THRESHOLD – Stefen Chow, the photographer of the to be poor

A mountaineer father, photographer of social processes At dawn, the light here is extraordinarily clear, perfect for photographing. China is an ideal land for capturing beautiful photos. There is a market dedicated to photography west of Beijing, a place where you will find cameras and all the accessories you will need. At the end of your day, just when the …

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WRITING ABOUT LIFE AND INEVITABLE DEATH – Mo Yan: Write what you knows, in ways that are natural to you

Between tales marked by impassioned humanism Walking through Beijing, you will discover that there are three types of bookstores: managed by the state, publishing houses or private individuals. Founded in 1988, in the city center you will find the Bookshop of the three flavors, one of the first private bookstores. In the northeast of the city center, the Publishing house …

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WHEREVER YOU GO, GO WITH ALL THE HEART – “Chinese author travel”, where you find your destiny right where it hides, to avoid it.

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. Giant Panda Research Base that puts this town on the map for travellers, but there are so many more things to do in Chengdu, such as Jialebi (an area bursting with bars and clubs). Just a place for peace and quiet? You can visit the Du …

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