TO COMBINE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART – Maria Saggese and the art of making the invisible visible

Enlighten creativity with light

Light Painting explores all that is hidd from human eyes. Conceived for her, she discovers occult and evocative meanings; her photographs are an open door to the invisible. She investigates beyond superficiality, probes the essential, seeks beauty.Through her skilful evanescence, and light makes the invisible visible. She is an original photographer. Maria Saggese tuned her interest in photography to the use of Light Painting. Observing reality, she probes the invisible attitudes of her creative flair, focusing miracles of light

Through the long exposure technique, reality merges with fantasy. This 1992 photographer captures reality with light. Her way of looking at the world around her does not stop at the apparent, but she probes the invisible. To disseminate the potential of light, in the artistic field, she holds workshops throughout Italy. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, Maria Saggese was expose to the possibilities of Light Painting. She has created a tutorial, where she shows you how to create ethereal images. She lives and works in Rome where grow with the visibility of the Light Painting Brushes brand. In her creative process, both photographers and painters indifferently she inspire; therefore, she loves the mastery of the painter Caravaggio and that of the photographer Paolo Roversi, the technique of Patrick Rochon.

Using the photographic technique of Light Painting, the dark becomes a canvas, each light source is a brush and each photographic print a suggestive painting If you her asked where her secret is, she would reply that it is within the limitless opportunities of the imagination. Using long photographic exposures, she combines the visible with the imagination. With photographic shots that are not pure and simple reproductions of the visible world, Maria Saggese creates invisible realities made of light.

Light Painting and Night Photography are his expressive horizon, where each object has new life. This photographer from Fisciano, she loves art, drawing and photography, she graduated from the Menna Art Institute of Salerno. The secret of his light painting images is in the methodology of the photographic shooting. In her courses, Maria Saggese proposes the creation of pictorial images through a correct selection of equipment, exercises and cataloging the use of the technique associated with an idea. Emotions revealed, Untitled, Stasis, Anime, Beyond the Veils of Appearance, are the titles of some of her emotions of light. Di/visi e di/versi is the title of her captivating book focused on the representation of elusive dreams. To learn how to dream, she suggests you use your imagination.

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