A CLEAR AND INTRANSIGENT VOICE – Arne Dørumsgaard and Scandinavian musical debate

A collection of records and the development of vocal art in the twentieth century

In 1950, he exiled to Paris, where he studied singing and developed a uniform voice that could switch from natural baritone to soprano melody. Living in France, he became skilled in recording and production. Famous Norwegian lover of classical music and lover of Italian music, Arne Dørumsgaard https://arnedorumsgaard.com/ lived in Italy for thirty years in Marzio. In 2001, he inaugurated the “Norsk Lydinstitutt” in Stavanger, to which he donated his own collection of records, video and cassette tapes, as well as music books and sound equipment.

His musical compositions have a flowing melodic line and pregnant rhythm, as well as a harmonica strongly rooted in the Norwegian musical currents of his time. The musician, composer and singer Arne Dørumsgaard https://snl.no/Arne_D%C3%B8rumsgaard was born in Stavanger in 1921. From the eclectic author of various musical compositions, the music house “Chant Du monde” has recorded many sung pieces. Kullan Ylistys (The Lover’s Song), one of her famous folk music pieces, was the inspiration for singer Björk on one of her music albums. He worked on the reinterpretation of oriental poetry, and published the book Flowers from the imperial gardens, the first book in a series of over 20.

Both of his parents were teachers in Fredrikstad, where he showed his passion for both books and music. Arne Dørumsgaard https://it-it.facebook.com/arnedorums/ began his musical education with the pianist Jens Bugge Olsen, continuing his studies in Oslo with Ivar Johnsen. He studied harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration, debuting as a composer at the age of 13. Since 1975, he has been a researcher and has been a cultural consultant for the Norwegian government. When he moved to northern Italy, he continued his work on oriental poetry. For his work on reinterpretations of ancient He started out as a composer but is best known for his passion for oriental poetry as well as for his collection of sound recordings of musicians. Arne Dørumsgaard https://www.prestomusic.com/classical/composers/551–dorumsgaard held his first composition night at the age of twenty. He was a teacher at the Barratt-Due Music Institute and a music critic in the Friheten newspaper. He even wrote the soundtrack for a movie. He has written songs for Ragnvald Vaage and Hans Henrik Holm, Arnulf Øverland and Knut Hamsun. Some of his piano pieces are base on Norwegian folk melodies. He married twice: in 1942 with the pianist Tora Øwre and in 1971 with the lyricist and painter Nella Valenza, with whom he lived until his death, on 2006.

IN THE WOODS AND IN THE MOORhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae5xX_AwUCs. In the woods and on the moors, there I seek my joy. I am a hunter. I am a hunter man. To faithfully love the forests, to kill the game, I feel like it, I want to do it. Halli bye, bye bye, I want to do it. I carry in my pocket a small potion in the bottle, a piece of black bread. A piece of black bread. My pipe is burning happily when I walk around the forest. No need, no need there. Halli bye, bye bye, there is no need there. Lying in the forest, cover the table with moss friendly nature, friendly nature. The faithful dog aside, I am now preparing the meal. In the open corridor of God, in the open corridor of God. Halli bye, bye bye, in the open corridor of God. The flying chicken, the Schnepf ‘in zigzag lines, I’m sure to meet you, I’m sure to meet you. The sows, deer and deer kill in search of prey. The fox leaves me its dress; the fox leaves me his dress. Halli bye, bye bye, the fox leaves me her dress. And if I wander through the woods, and I go through the fields alone all day, alone all day. But the hours for me are dwindling, seconds instantly fleeting if I pursue the wild, I pursue the wild. Halli bye, bye bye, I chase the wild. When the sun goes down, the wet fog rises, my workday is over, and my workday is over. Then I move from the heather for quiet domestic joy, a happy hunter, a happy hunter. Halli bye, bye bye, a happy hunter.

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