THE INVISIBLE PATHS OF HUMAN PRECARITY – The use of photography as a practice of memory

If the universal is the product and synthesis of ordinary things

She is a contemporary Indian photographer living in New Delhi. Trained in painting and applied arts, she then transferred her creative interest to photography. In 2011, she was award the most important Canadian prize for photography. After earning a BFA in applied art, as well as a second BFA in photography, she earned an MFA in art from Stanford University of California. Gauri Gill has exhibited her works internationally and the result of her creative creative vein is in the collections of some of the most important world institutions.

She has been call one of India’s most respected photographers. Her photographs put the spotlight on oppression, the struggle for education and health care. To create new narrative avenues, since 2013, she combines the photographic language with the ancient expressiveness of Warli’s drawing. Her creative practice contains multiple shades of expressiveness. Her effort is focus on marginalized communities in rural Rajasthan. Gauri Gill explored human transhumance with her spectacular The Americans and What Remains. The photographs of her look at the acts of ordinariness.

From her point of view (how beautiful it would be if it were shared by all), the universal should be the product and synthesis of all ordinary things. Looking at her photographs, you will discover that there is a real human concern in her emotional work. Working in black and white and color, she addresses the themes of caste as determinants of social behavior. Born in 1970 in Chandigarh, India, Gauri Gill has also worked with papier-mâché artists from the Kokna tribe in Maharashtra. Her, it is a true documentary spirit, a human concern for survival issues.

As if her photography was time to play, she brings together new scenes from the acts of appearance. Through images of everyday life in rural India, for two decades you have studied the dark interplay of power relations between people. Observing the expressions that connote humor, as well as beauty, Gauri Gill has identified precise working strategies that allow her to walk the invisible paths of human precariousness. Within the environments that populate the world of ordinary people, she describes her intimate relationships with subjects on which she focuses her sensitivity.

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