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INDIA, WHERE WHAT IS CREATIVES GENERATES ITSELF – If talent is the improvement of something that is already there

You do not buy it, nor do you learn: talent in India it is possessed If you are looking for colours, flavours & timelessness, choose your destination and the best places to visit in the state of Karnataka https://www.kstdc.co/blog/karnataka-top-15-destinations-and-places-to-visit/. In the south-west of India, bathed by the Arabian Sea, in the south-west you will find the magnificent Mysore temples. Hampi, …

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THE INVISIBLE PATHS OF HUMAN PRECARITY – The use of photography as a practice of memory

If the universal is the product and synthesis of ordinary things She is a contemporary Indian photographer living in New Delhi. Trained in painting and applied arts, she then transferred her creative interest to photography. In 2011, she was award the most important Canadian prize for photography. https://photopaper.world/produkt/photopaper-23-24-gauri-gill/. After earning a BFA in applied art, as well as a second …

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