THE FRIENDLY WORLD OF A PHOTOGRAPHER – Andreas Darwins Triadi, the icon of photography in Indonesia

Explore and create photographically, as a spirit and a lifestyle

His journey into photographic expressiveness is know for being able to show something different. In Kohn, Germany, in 1990 he presented a slide of his at the Photo Kina International Competition.  He showed his work in an international magazine in 1990, but his interest in photography dates back to 1979. Photographer Andreas Darwis Triadi was born in Solo on an October day in 1954. An international magazine showed his work as well, a European lighting company chose it for their 1997 calendar.

Among the successes of his career, the task of taking the official photos of the President and Vice Having a pilot’s license did not make him proud, because he felt within himself that his expressive horizon was not in the skies. Attending people from the fashion world allowed him to focus his creative curiosity on photography. President of Indonesia. Andreas Darwis Triadi creates seminars and workshops on photography; he founded a photography education institute. In 2008, I began to curtail his commercial work activities, focusing on teaching at his school and holding seminars at universities, government institutions, and photographic communities.

His work in the field of photographic advertising is appreciable among others in Nokia, Bank Mandiri and Warner Music. He has even made books on photography, as well as a magazine of Indonesian photographers. After working as a commercial photographer, he moved on to having his own photography school in 2002. Andreas Darwis Triadi has never received a proper education in photography, but growing his hobby as an amateur photographer has transformed him into a professional.

In 1980, starting with photos for a hotel brochure, Andreas Darwis Triadi became famous because he believed in the value of expressive photographic diversity. Showing photos of landscapes and models, he began organizing exhibitions with amateur photographers. In addition to the photographic studio Darwis Triadi, he has opened a school called Darwis Triadi School of Photography, where his dreams as a visionary materialize in photographic horizons open to anyone.

Among the books published by Andreas Darwis Triadi, we suggest High Fashion Photography, a journey full of taste in high fashion photography. Page after page, you will discover a way of being creative that does not imprison the creativity of others. Eventually, you too will understand that inner sensitivity can also be express through photography.

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