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IN THE LAND WHERE TO SHAPE YOUR DESTINY – Six Indonesians who shaped the imagination

Smile, it is cool, but doing it creatively is better Our journey into Indonesian creativity begins with a painter. Even in Indonesia, in fact, there are painters who paint the sun in an essential way, representing it with a yellow spot. We like to introduce one of the painters born in this “Land of the Gods”, a man who has …

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THE FRIENDLY WORLD OF A PHOTOGRAPHER – Andreas Darwins Triadi, the icon of photography in Indonesia

Explore and create photographically, as a spirit and a lifestyle His journey into photographic expressiveness is know for being able to show something different. In Kohn, Germany, in 1990 he presented a slide of his at the Photo Kina International Competition.  He showed his work in an international magazine in 1990, but his interest in photography dates back to 1979. …

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