NEIL PASILAN AND THE CREATIVE WAY TO PAINT – Focusing on making art day in and day out, remaining an street artist

A self-taught artist, creative every day

His attempts to shape an artistic consciousness are the fruit of decades of practice. From his point of view, an artist is more comfortable when he is true to himself. Born and raised in Bacolod City, he began making art as a young man. Each of his works is a story; in fact, he is of the idea that there is nothing better than writing or painting, even on a sheet of paper. His work featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums. Contemporary visual artist Neil Pasilan is a Filipino painter who was born in 1970 in Negros Occidental. At León Gallery in Makati, his Isla Hubad, offered at auction it realized $1,735 USD.

With his unmistakable style, this artist even emphasizes the bond and commitment that keeps husband and wife together, as if they were each other’s reflection. Yes, beyond the fact that he paints, it is true that his works reflect what he considers important. Each piece he creates is a reflection of his journey as an artist. Showing his creativity at a young age, Neil Pasilan, initially modeled clay figures, which he continued to do as an adult, working on different forms and media. His works are a mix of old and new, however, they always retain his characteristic style, full of human figures in disguise.

He also made creepy characters in terracotta. He loves painting landscape backgrounds with rivers and fields, but also in crowded cityscapes. His collection of 125 paintings on paper was on display, over a wall at The Link in Makati. Even for Neil Pasilan, one of the leading artists in the Philippines, art is an expression of himself, because he smell influence by his type of experiences and by the reaction to the things around him. Self-taught visual artist, as well as the brother of an artist, he was born into a family of artisans and boat builders.

He also paints people from his family and closest friends. Among his paintings, his mother, a woman who after the death of her husband found the strength to raise her children, inspires one. His imagination flows easily from his hands to the canvases, but only after having absorbed and deeply appreciated it. Each work created by Neil Pasilan is similar to a page in a diary, and all together, they are the visual story of his life. Everything he creates in his studio inevitably captures the visual impressions of his day.

He likes to talk to people, even on the street, just to get to know a different kind of existential perspective. One of his wishes is to be able to share with others what he learns from exercising his creative vein. As a creative man, he was introduce to art through sculpture. Despite the conflicts that surround them, the subjects of her paintings – husbands and wives, but also parents and children – remain together. With clay, Neil Pasilan made charms and masks, yet as the years passed his collection also included small paintings. Currently based in Manila, he is know for his multi-layered and medium-sized paintings.

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