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To be creative traveler: Philippines art

You can call it whatever you want – the productive capacity of the imagination, creative talent or inventiveness – yet, in any continent, creativity has the same ability to take root, grow, mature and define the identifying profile of an entire human community. This is also, what happens in the Philippines, where by entrusting to some men and women (who were born or raised here), the task of you accompany in identifying the human and natural events of this great archipelago made up of thousands and thousands of islands.

One image, even while traveling in the Philippines, is worth more than many diary pages of your trip to this immense archipelago, where you may be lucky enough to photograph the palm civet or the wart boar that lives in the Visayas. The art of images also refers to the creative works that have developed and accumulated in the country up to the present era, reflecting the wide range of cultural influences on the culture of this country. Buying yourself a painting by a local painter can help your search. With his unmistakable style, this artist even emphasizes the bond and commitment that keeps husband and wife together, as if they were each other’s reflection. Yes, beyond the fact that he paints, it is true that his works reflect what he considers important. Each piece he creates is a reflection of his journey as an artist. Showing his creativity at a young age, Neil Pasilan, initially modeled clay figures, which he continued to do as an adult, working on different forms and media. His works are a mix of old and new, however, they always retain his characteristic style, full of human figures in disguise.

Fidelity to music is envelop like a vine to the tree in the social identity of men and women living in the Philippines. There is no typical national style, but traditionally connected to small pockets of territory that have been able to preserve the local musical identities. As for the vocal timbre, however, we recommend that you stay with a singer-songwriter who was born and raised under this sun Filipino singer-songwriter and actor Julie Anne San Jose was born in Quezon City on a spring day in 1994. With a computer operator father and an instructor mother, she is the eldest of their three children. Becoming a member of the Sugar Pop group, she gained enormous popularity with a television program. Her eponymous debut album was 2012 certified diamond disc in the Philippines. The words of one of his songs remind us of our need to breathe, and help us feel inspired by life. Without limits, this is the most appropriate way to describe her complexity as an artist.

Various Filipino writers have helped define literature in their opinions. Most of their books tell stories of nationalism or real life, sometimes of legends, making extensive use of allegories to represent real society. As you read Para Kay B, a romantic comedy by Ricky Lee, you will find that it tells the stories of five different women. Caridad, on the other hand, the protagonist of The Last Time I Saw Mother (novel by Arlene J. Chai), discovers that her real mother is not the woman she grew up. For her short story collection In the Country, Mia Alvar was the winner of the 2016 PEN / Robert W. Bingham Award for debut fiction. By reading this book, you too can discover her characters reflecting on their own cultural identity, stories of lives facing challenges. Her stories explore the experiences of displacement and the longing to connect across borders. Into this book, she speaks to the heart of everyone who search for a place to call home.

Tribal groups wore colorful, intricately beaded clothing. Their canga was a type of collarless shirt, while the bahag was a type of loincloth. Influenced by their ancestors, Filipino clothing defined by the way people dress when they are at home, at work, traveling or experiencing special occasions in their lives. Spaniards, Americans and Japanese have also contributed in the influence of what the local fashion shows offer. Using traditional materials and techniques, despite his fame he does not forget the benefit that Filipino artisans and culture give to his talent. A frequent visitor to various fashion events, he has never forgotten his 2010 “In the Beginning“, the beginning of things that have refined his innate taste for beautiful things. For Ezra Santos everything starts with the choice of the type of fabric: it must aesthetically combine with a type of femininity bristling with hard and angular protrusions.

Composing a photo, communicating correctly with the light, is the most important of the creative skills of those who want to capture a good image. Photography means writing with light, putting into it what you see and the books you read, the music and the people you love. For some photographers, as in the case of Henri Cartier-Bresson, the photo captures you. During your trip to the Philippines, stay alert; carefully observe what lives around you. Her images document and certify not only domestic workers but also human beings involved in migrant trafficking. She has exhibited all over the world, also managing to achieve numerous photographic prizes. Mostly with reference to migration and human rights, Xyza Cruz Bacani uses her creative sensibility to document stories below the real. Take one of her photographs; look at it carefully, but not distract by anything: it expresses a story, opens your heart to inspiration.

They are educational; behind their thousand drawings (colored or black and white), there is a script, a plot and a language that allows you to stimulate young and old. Comics are a type of paper media with its own narrative language and images juxtaposed in sequence. The speech bubble used inside in the images bring back the dialogue between the characters. Change the language, but not the way to use them. A master of pen and ink technique, his mastery of human anatomy helped him to create structurally powerful and expressive figures. Helping define the look of an era, during the 1970s and early 1980s, almost 200 Filipino artists illustrated horror and fantasy, western and war comics for American publishers. By the time he made his American comics debut, he already had the polished look to his work. Jess Jodloman employed a fine brush inking style, and Along with Alfredo Alcala and Abel Laxamana, had one of the more recognizable styles among the Filipino wave artists.

If you find yourself in the need to choose a romantic restaurant in Manila, try to dress elegantly and look for the right atmosphere that goes with good food. Try Blackbird, at the Nielson Tower, a 1940s airport-turned-restaurant, with tall windows and black and white interior. Elegant vibe when they dim the lights to serve you a candlelit dinner. Something better? As it is the oldest hotel in the city, you can expect to be treat divinely. With sumptuous chandeliers on the ceiling, a profusion of red velvet on the seats and gilded decorations, the Champagne Room of the Manila Hotel will make you feel like you are the Queen Elizabeth.

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