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LET YOURSELF BE ENCHANTED BY TURIN – An opportunity for those who plan to move in the name of art

Know Turin, for true lovers of creativity

Small and well built, it is a city where you will be attracted by the alignment of the streets, the regularity of the buildings and the beauty of the squares. We present a city that produces eccentric and lonely outsiders with a great creative vein, a place of marvelous transparency, where all things in the shade seem enameled with clarity. As Friedrich Nietzsche wrote about Turin https://www.turismotorino.org/en, treat yourself to one evening on a bridge over the Po River, a magnificent experience beyond good and evil.

Comic Lab https://www.comiclabcafe.it/ is a comic shop game café, a place that combines the comic shop with tables for card games, allowing you to organize a different evening than usual. While having a drink, nibble a snack or eat a pizza, if you are thinking of an original gift that continues over time to remind you of your trip to Turin, try to see if you find something from the famous Turin cartoonist Sergio Zaniboni. One of the most popular Italian cartoonists, famous for having worked on Diabolik, was born in Turin in the summer of 1937. After being a technical designer and graphic designer, Sergio Zaniboni https://diabolikerie.jimdofree.com/disegnatori/disegnatori-degli-anni-60/sergio-zaniboni/ began his career as a cartoonist in 1967. After drawing I Promessi Sposi for Gino Sansoni, he began to collaborate with the magazine Horror, joining the Diabolik team in 1969, making over 300 adventures there.

Do you know the Saluzzo Fair paintin, by the Turin painter Carlo Pittara? With its parade of knights, costumed figures and animals, it is a canvas 4 meters high by 8 meters wide, depicting the seventeenth-century Saluzzo during the ancient fair for the patron saint San Chiaffredo. Until 20 September 2020, you can admire it in the GAM Torino exhibition https://www.gamtorino.it/en/events-exhibitions/pittara-exhibition, entitled “Horses, costumes and mansions”. Born in Turin in 1835, Carlo Pittara https://www.valutazionearte.it/artisti/pittara-carlo/ studied there at the Royal Albertina Academy of Fine Arts. In 1856, he presented one of his paintings in an exhibition of fine art in Turin. Moving to Geneva, he completed his artistic training as an animalist painter there. During his stay in Paris, he met exponents of the Barbizon School, with whom he began to collaborate. In the care of the composition, he had great concern in the choice of the elements.

During your stay in Turin, do not forget the Turin Museums Foundation https://www.fondazionetorinomusei.it/it/servizi-al-pubblico/enforcement-fotografico, it counts one of the most important photographic archives of northern Italy, early thirties of the twentieth century to document monuments and art objects of Piedmont, ancient and modern. Among the authors of the most important collections, photographer Stefano Bricarelli. In 1921, he was one of the founders of a Piedmont’s group association for artistic photography. He had bought his latest camera, a Leica CL, in 1973. In 1981, following health problems, he retired to private life. In 1997, his daughter donated his photographic heritage, consisting of 45,000 images, to the City of Turin. Born in Turin in 1889, Stefano Bricarelli https://www.libreriauniversitaria.it/stefano-bricarelli-fotografie-fondazione-torino/libro/9788888103433 cultivated his interests in photography, journalism and publishing.

Under the banner of excellence and quality, attention to detail, passion and perfection, tradition embraces innovation, promoting Italian haute couture. Exclusive Brands Torino https://www.exclusivebrandstorino.com/tour-in-turin/ also opens its windows on jewelry, aesthetics and fashion, allowing you to focus your attention on the best of Made in Italy in Piedmont. If you want to take a trip among wooden shelves and scents of ancient books, among the most beautiful bookstores in Turin, the oldest in the city, Luxemburg https://librerialuxemburg.wordpress.com/ also organizes book presentations and cultural events. Well-stocked, you can find it at number 7 in via Cesare Battisti, with a huge selection of books, where you can also find a poetic selection by Maria Luisa Spaziani.

Shortly before her death, Virginia Woolf sent her a chapter of the novel The Waves with an autographed dedication. Maria Luisa Spaziani https://internopoesia.com/tag/maria-luisa-spaziani/ born in 1924 in Turin, lived in Messina, Milan and Paris before settling in Rome. Collaborating with Vasco Pratolini, Sandro Penna and Vincenzo Ciaffi, at the age of only nineteen, she founded the magazine Il dado. She met Leonardo Sinisgalli and Ezra Pound, creating a lasting intellectual and emotional union with Eugenio Montale. Writing is living and vice versa. This is what you can perceive by reading her poems.

One of his songs from 2005, Le parole, reminds us that sometimes words remain just words, but that at other times they can hurt. Born in Turin in 1952, with 80 million copies sold he is among the Italian artists who have sold the largest number of records. Son of a police officer and a homemaker (both immigrated to Turin) Umberto Tozzi https://notiziemusica.it/chi-e-umberto-tozzi/curiosita/ began to play the guitar around the age of 14.

Our journey into Turin creativity is now complete. Perhaps, your treasure chest of memories is full, in the company of a CD by Umberto Tozzi and a book of poems by Maria Luisa Spaziani, a good art book about the painter Carlo Pittarra and a photo-book by Stefano Bricarelli. Maybe you also added something by cartoonist Sergio Zaniboni, or some handcrafted piece suggested by the Exclusive Brands of Turin. When you want to return to this city, you can experience a different itinerary. Just click here.

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