WHERE DIVERSITY MARRIED HISTORY – An unusual journey, between Puritan Fathers and creative people

No more complete human being than one has traveled to Massachusett

No more complete human being than someone has traveled, changing the shape of his thought and his life many times. The journey, whatever destination you choose, is not only a physical movement, but it can become the expression of your desire for inner research. If the motivations for your travel include the desire to get to know other cultures, relying on the guidance of creative people can be a way to get to know a world different from yours, with the eyes and sensitivity of those who live there. Traveling to Massachusetts http://www.massholiday.co.uk/, remember the teaching of Omar Khayyam: life is a journey, but those who travel live twice.

Walking Lawrence, Massachusetts, do visit Eli’s Place at 267 Merrimack St https://www.elisplace.net/. You will find small breakfast joint located on a busy corner where order the quintessential New England item: sweet and tasty baked beans. If you are obsessed by murals and street art, you can loved murals in Lawrence https://www.thumbtack.com/ma/lawrence/mural-painter/, driving up and down until 151 Essex Street, finding Music Legends. Speaking of creative people who made the history of music, do not forget that a musician was born here in Lawrence who created a bridge between classical and popular music. One of his modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story, was full of beautiful songs. Born in 1918 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, he became an internationally renowned composer and conductor. Walter Pistone had been a student of the composition, while Fritz Reiner had refined his orchestral conducting. In his scores for the musicals produced by Broadway, he knew how to create a bridge between classical and popular music. Leonard Bernstein https://www.leonardbernstein.com/ was among the most significant musical figures of the second half of the twentieth century.

Concord’s historic sites and buildings provide goals for lots of walks, drives and bike rides. Your 2-hour Concord walking tour, takes you from central Monument Square on a walk through for 5.2 miles (8.4 km), ending at Monument Square. A 10- to 15-minute walk northeast brings you to Authors Ridge in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery https://concordma.gov/1956/Sleepy-Hollow-Cemetery, resting-place of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and the Little Women author. Together with teamwork and work ethic, her concept of female unity grew in the educational realism of the mother. She lived in very difficult economic conditions, according to her father’s transcendentalist ideals. Second daughter of a large family, Louisa May Alcott was born in Germantown (Pennsylvania) on a November day, in 1832. For two years, her family had moved to Utopiah Fruitlands, but after that experience, they preferred to buy a cottage in Concord, a city in Massachussets.

With an expansive of seashore, Cape Cod is one of New England’s premier beach destinations. Sun and sand, summer theater scenes, miles-long bike trails and well-protected wildlife showcases waiting for you. Located on Nantucket Sound, historic and laid-back, Hyannis it is a destination in itself, it is as the heart of Cape Cod https://www.capecod.com/community/5-fabulous-things-you-can-only-do-in-hyannis/. Here in Hyannis, at 539 South Street, a woman who has crossed the Atlantic Ocean has reinvented a way of dressing, ecological and without waste. Having raised where many things were hard to come by, she rarely disposed of the things they consumed. Aiste Zitnikaite https://www.facebook.com/devintodesign/ started to gain re-connection to the stuff people consume, realizing that fashion industry had changed, favoring fast consumption over quality and profits over ethics. For your contact info: Email: aiste@devinto.net, 539 South Street – Hyannis, MA.

Cambridge has its own identity and charms. From the world-renowned Harvard University to the city’s many squares, whether you’re interested in history, art or just want to experience the city’s wealth restaurants. Its Mount Auburn Cemetery https://mountauburn.org/?cache was the country’s first garden cemetery and it is filled with artwork and landscaping. Famous names buried here include Winslow Homer and Amy Lowell. A truly special woman, a pioneer of modern photography, was born and lived always here. A bound album of fifty albumen prints, exposed by Mary Devens in 1884 https://www.historicnewengland.org/explore/collections-access/capobject/?refd=PC009.051. This album’s photographs are of good pictorial quality. Dated and identified, the majority of these images are, such as the 344 Beacon St. (Boston, MA), and the 101 Brattle St. (Cambridge, MA). Her interior photographs document decorative elements of the period, including wallpapers. Beginning in 1897, she showed regularly in the annual presentations, exhibiting her work both at home and abroad. In 1902, she had become a member of England’s preeminent group of art photographers, the Linked Ring Brotherhood.

Visitors seeking to show off a piece of Boston can head to get themselves a unique memory to take home: you have to have seafood. Try New England clam chowder and lobster rolls. Row34 https://www.row34.com/ sells lobster roll kit, clam chowder, and lobster tortellini. From historic sites and erudite museums to stunning views, the top things to do in Boston include a walk the Freedom Trail https://www.thefreedomtrail.org/, a journey around the city is numerous historic landmarks. Boston Museum of Fine Arts has an excellent collection of paintings and artefacts, including the Copley family, an oil painting by John Singleton Copley. Born in a July day 1738 in Boston (Massachusetts), he died in London (England), into a September day 1815. American painter of portraits and historical subjects, John Singleton Copley https://www.johnsingletoncopley.org/ was acclaimed as the finest artist of colonial America. Went beyond portraiture with his European ambitions, because was eager to make a success in historical painting. With his 1778 Watson and the Shark, he used the struggle of man against nature, great themes of 19th-century Romantic art.

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