IN DIFFERENT MEDIA – Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, one of the key figures in the emergence of the ‘Glasgow Style’ in the 1890s

Glasgow style and Viennese Art Nouveau 

English painter, illustrator and decorator operating in Scotland, she is also remembered for her important interior designs, made with her husband. She was born in Tipton, near Wolverhampton (metropolitan district of the English West Midlands) on a day of November 1864. The beginning of her artistic career reflects experimental features. Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh‘s projects are considered original, that is, capable of distinguishing themselves from the works of other artists of her time. Drawing on her imagination, she reinterpreted what was traditional, in innovative way.

Her father was a coalmine engineer, and her family settled in Glasgow, where with her sister she enrolled Glasgow School of Art, learning how to work metals and work fabrics. Between 1895 and 1924, she participated in more than 40 exhibitions. Some sources have provided inspiration for her works, such as the Odyssey, and the poems of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Many of her works incorporate soft tones, the interaction between geometric and natural motifs, as well as elongated human forms. After the opening of her Glasgow studio, Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh transformed time and summer into very stylized human forms.

In Glasgow, at 128 Hope Street, she founded the Macdonald Sisters Studio with her sister, where their creations were inspired by Celtic imagery and folklore. Her works and those of her sister challenged the conceptions of the art of her contemporaries. She had creative dependence on imagination rather than on nature. Together with her sister, Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh recognized that Egyptian decoration was an area of ​​particular interest to them. Around 1921, poor health interrupted her career. Her design works became some of the distinctive elements of the Glasgow style, born in the late nineteenth century. She died in Chelsea, one day in January 1933.

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