REVIVING THE SOUNDTRACK TO THE RENAISSANCE – Music in the cultural environment of Florence

Camerata fiorentina and the birth of melodrama

You can also get to know it online Composer and singer, he lived in the Medici court of Florence. Member of the Florentine Camerata, Giulio Caccini collaborated in 1600 to the music that constituted one of the first melodrama models. If you love music and want to learn to play an All Music!, organizes individual courses in instrumental technique. We wanted to embellish the sound memory of our trip to Florence. That is why we bought tickets for his next concert. Designed with a room intended for opera and an open auditorium, the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, allows you to combine the magic of music with that of the city that hosts it.

In Florence, The Florentine Camerata, which at the end of the 16th century was formed with the desire for a renewal of music, reestablished the Greek union between word and sound. His best results were achieved in madrigals and melodrama. The Camerata Fiorentina, in via dei Benci, is also the name of a luxury apartment with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a place that can offer you a unique experience.

Recitar cantando was the phrase that indicated the new style of singing with which, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, the first works were composed. By Camerata, we mean that group of nobles who met in the 16th century to discuss arts. It takes its name from a count, in whose home in Palazzo Bardi (Via de ‘Benci, Florence), the meetings were held. Camerata Fiorentina is know for elaborating what led to the birth of melodrama. At the end of the sixteenth century, people believed Greek tragedies sung by characters and choir. On a Florentine day in January 1573, Count Bardi and other intellectuals decided to restore the dramatic style of the ancient Greeks to the glories of the past. the creation of an acting style that would speak and sing. Serendipically, all of them were building the future theater in music.

By proclaiming the superiority of monody over counterpoint, that intellectual curiosity named Camerata, led to the birth of melodrama. Among the relevant personalities who gathered around Count Bardi in seeking a close music-word relationship, were Vincenzo Galilei, Piero Strozzi and Gerolamo Mei. For all of them, the music had to express the inherent affects of the text. Established in 1981 and made up of around 40 elements, the Florentine Chamber Orchestra organizes national and international competitions, in Italy and abroad.

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