A FREE WOMAN, MASTER OF THE HEART OF A VERY POWERFUL MAN – Caterina Dolfin: The human alliance that becomes the center of ferment in Venice

Freedom of women and  restlessness of patricians

They were dedicated to cultivating the conversation, often appreciated for their beauty, but all those noblewomen were also united by the identical desire to get out of the female stereotypes of their time. In Venice, many of them started literary circles https://ohiostatepress.org/books/titles/9780814213711.html. Among them, Giustina Renier Michiel, Marina Querini Benzon and Caterina Dolfin Tron, whose literary salon met the writer Gasparo Gozzi and the playwright Carlo Goldoni.

It was the father who started her to love reading and beauty. Single daughter, she married a patrician of mediocre substances and poor ambitions. Her parents belonged to the cadet branch of their patrician families. Caterina Dolfin https://www.visitmuve.it/en/home/, born in Venice on a day in May 1736, was an Italian poet. Staying in the countryside, she met a very wealthy patrician and began a relationship with him, initiating the request to cancel her marriage.

A member of the Arcadia Academy, Caterina Dolfin https://www.facebook.com/notes/fausto-fabiani/vostra-mai-cecilia-tron/792278310816290/ gathered around her a small circle of intellectuals. She got the annulment of the marriage and married Andrea Tron, but underwent a search by the Inquisition, which seized the forbidden books of French illuminists. In accordance with her role, she expanded her relations with all Venetian society. She loved Anglo-French pre-romantic literature, and by attending Tron, she also knew new ideas, through the works of Rousseau and Voltaire. She was long courted by a Milanese duke, but offered him only her friendship. On a November 1793 day, Caterina Dolfin https://www.kassir.travel/154619-TPXGJLOVO.asp died in Venice, where she was buried in the church of San Marcuola. Her rich library passed almost entirely as a testament to her nephew Alvise Barbarigo.

OF HIS EMINENCE LORD ANGELO LABBIA, IN RESPONSE TO SONETTO IX – You must search for it, woman, inside your chest by the same ways on which you have breath and life. That Alma, which had from the outset of which you are from the eternal mind, in which I am a recipient. That semblant of yours yes to beloved love, that your sense and valor does not point you out? And in your virtue at the highest honor, do you not see it in its lively aspect? That he is true, that you also live and are, she still lives in you, lives in all that the gods gave you for her by a large hand. So, father, as a daughter I am reduced to not discerning with these eyes of mine. So your beauty of all its qualities is destroyed.

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