A CREATIVE STILL WATER, OF PROFOUND DEPTH – Laurits Andersen Ring: Drew on the Danish tradition of folk art

When your own oeuvre remains as your essence

As you can see, in his paintings he often has placed the horizontal line high. Today there are examples of his work at every Danish art museum, including the Hirschsprung Collection in Copenhagen. In 1900, he received the bronze medal at the World’s Fair in Paris for his painting In the Garden Doorway. His son Ole also became a painter, and painted in a style highly influenced by that of his father. Included among the canons of national artistic expression, his painting Sommerdag ved Roskilde Fjord is one of the masterpieces of Danish culture. A pioneer of symbolism and social realism in Denmark, Laurits Andersen Ring https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QYwNp7pNnU was born in Ring on an August 1854 day.

Many of his paintings depict crossings and thresholds, such as the space between a window or at a railroad crossing. As realist and symbolist painter, his work are complement each other. Born in a village in southern Zeeland, in 1869 he became an apprentice painter. While working in Copenhagen, Laurits Andersen Ring https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/artists/laurits-andersen-ring decided to take painting lessons, also accepted at the Danish Academy of Arts, although he did not like the rigorous classical training of that art institution. In 1881, he decided to change the surname, taking the name of its native village. His first exhibition took place in 1882, but for two years, he did not get recognition. Active in a revolutionary group of students, became increasingly interested in the difficulties of the poor and social justice.

His work demonstrates attachment to tradition and the spirit of modernity. A feature often seen in his art is to place one or more objects at the edge of picture. In Copenhagen, he became a close friend of the family of an amateur painter, falling in love with his wife Johanne, who remained faithful to her husband. Laurits Andersen Ring https://hirschsprung.dk/en started working on a series of paintings with fellow painter Sigrid Kähler as a model, and they married. She was only 21 years old at the time and he was 42. Living in Karrebæksminde, they had three children. He had a house built at Sankt Jørgensbjerg in Roskilde, where he spent the last decade of his life, before his death in 1933.

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