THE POET LAWYER THAT DOES NOT LOVE INJUSTICES – Selva Casal: No vivimos en vano (We do not live in vain)

An infernal world, without guards and much desolation, in verse

Tagxedo, is a tool of the type word clouds generators, or word cloud generators. Word cloudsit is graphic representations of a text that give information about the frequency of words within that text. You will not need this tool to learn about the textuality of Selva Casal, the poet who states that we do not live in vain. She resides in Montevideo. A former lawyer and professor of sociology, she is inspired by her experiences working with people who have faced injustice. Born 1930, Selva Casal is the author of fifteen books of poetry. From her work, we highlight Days on Earth (1960), We do not live in vain (1976), No day is Thursday (2007).

In 2010, she received the Morosoli Prize for poetry. In 2011, she published In this wonderful place to live sadness. Recognizing the fragility of a dream or daily nightmare, her poetry addresses the themes of everyday life in which we let ourselves be lived. She write how she breathe. Selva Casal, poet and creator of a famous magazine, has dedicated a life to her books, with care and passion. For her, our voice is perhaps ours only if it breaks the barriers of the self, entering that boundless forest that is humanity. The country of love is dark, because dead and alive are confused in the same reality, where madness has an intimate balance. Among her books, we suggest you read Y lo peor es que sobrevivimos: antología personal (Spanish). Reading it, never forget that poetry does not ask for permission, it arrives suddenly, and settles.

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