WRITE WORDS OF LOVE ON THE WATER – Xuan Quynh: like melting into a hundred small waves, writing poems.

Love’s wave does not find itself, until it reaches the sea.

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When her mother died, from infancy to adulthood she was raised by her grandmother, while her father worked away from home. She was a famous Vietnamese poet, who was awarded the state prize of her country for the results obtained in the literature. XUAN QUYNH was born in the village of La Khe (now Ha Dong district, Hanoi), in 1942. In February 1955, she had been recruited into the central popular congregation, being trained as a dancer, thus performing many times abroad. Waves (an excellent love poem), was his poem of 1967 (composed during an excursion to Diem Điền), has been included in the educational system in Vietnam.

Her poetics are very emotional and with many happy and passionate levels, where her thoughts are imbued with feminine love. XUAN QUYNH studied the School of Young Writers of the Vietnam Writers’ Association, and then worked on the Vietnam Women’s Newspaper. His “The fairy tale of humanity” is included in the popular textbooks of Vietnam. Musician Phan Huynh Dieu has successfully released his poems. While traveling with her husband and son, she died in a car accident in 1988, near a bridge in the city Hai Duong. In 2017, the Ho Chi Minh Prize was awarded in artistic literature.

WAVES – Fierce and gentle. Loud and silent, the river does not understand itself. The wave does not find itself, until it reaches the sea. Oh, the wave passes, and the wave to come will be the same. Hunger for love is strong in the heart. Standing before the waves, I think of you and me, I think of the great sea. And I wonder where the waves come from. The waves must come from the wind. And I wonder where the wind comes from, and I wonder when will we love each other again? The waves deep in the sea and the waves on the sea’s surface long for the shore of the sea day and night the waves can not sleep as I can not sleep, even in dreams. Because of my longing for you. When I go to the North, or to the South. When I go anywhere, I think of you. My only direction. Out in the great sea thousands of waves are pushing, which one never reachs the shore even miles and miles from home? Life is so long, years and months go by like the sea, life is endless. Clouds fly to the distant horison. How can I become like the hundreds of thousands of small waves in the great sea of love and lap forever against your shore?

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