STROVE TO LOOSEN POETRY FROM TRADITIONAL FORMS – Xu Zhimo, Made contributions to modern Chinese literature.

Naturalize Western forms, into modern poetry.

About its notable people, Xu Zhimo, an early 20th-century poet. Town it is in the south side of Yangtze River Delta, and in the north of Zhejiang. In 1949 was occupied by the Communist Army, and the county government was relocated to Xiashi Town. Hǎiníng is known for its leather industry and its leather-silhouette show (also known as shadow play), attracts the attention of travelers owing to the annual tides. The International Qiantang River Tidal Bore Watching Festival is held each year in response to the increasing popularity of this recurring event.

He was renowned for his use of vernacular varieties of Chinese. Graduated from the famous Hangzhou High School, he was born in Haining (Zhejiang province) into a January day, 1897. In 1918, he traveled to the United States to study political and social science. At King’s College, Cambridge (in England), he fell in love with English romantic poetry, also influenced by the French romantic and symbolist poets. In 1922, XU ZHIMO returned to China, where became a leader of the modern poetry movement.

His love affairs with Zhang Youyi, Lin Huiyin, and Lu Xiaoman are well known in China. Not only. XU ZHIMO Xu was also romantically close to American author Pearl S. Buck and American journalist Agnes Smedley. No woman had flatter herself that he has ever loved her; he has only loved his own inner version of Ideal Beauty. We wish to rememer you his memorial stone with the first and last lines of his poem: “once more leave Cambridge“.

He had become an early 20th-century Chinese poet. He worked as professor at several schools, before dying in a plane crash on a November day, 1931, near Tai’an (Shandong). To commemorate XU ZHIMO, in 2008 a stone of white Beijing marble was installed at the Backs of King’s College (Cambridge, near the bridge over the River Cam). He left behind four collections of verse and several volumes of translations from various languages.A collection of his poetry with English translations, was published by Oleander Press Cambridge.

CHANCE – I am a cloud in the sky, a chance shadow on the wave of your heart. Do not be surprised, or too elated. In an instant, I shall vanish without trace. We meet on the sea of dark night, you on your way, I on mine. Remember if you will, or, better still, forget the light exchanged in this encounter.

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