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Without poem it you can do nothing and you are nothing The story behind the name Meeting Benches is fascinating and full of meaning. Imagine any place, a park or a square, where the benches act as a meeting point for people; they are silent witnesses of chance encounters, deep conversations, love stories and moments of reflection. Imagine sitting on …

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CREATIVE SPARKS, ABOVE TWO BAYS – Journey through Chinese art, from Hong Kong to Hangzhou.

Revolutionaries reflections in western horizons. Returned to China, he became the principal of the National Beijing Fine Art School, and in Hangzhou founded, the now called the China Academy of Art. Japanese soldiers destroyed many of his early works during the Sino-Japanese War. None only, many of his later works was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, when he destroyed his …

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STROVE TO LOOSEN POETRY FROM TRADITIONAL FORMS – Xu Zhimo, Made contributions to modern Chinese literature.

Naturalize Western forms, into modern poetry. About its notable people, Xu Zhimo, an early 20th-century poet. Town it is in the south side of Yangtze River Delta, and in the north of Zhejiang. In 1949 was occupied by the Communist Army, and the county government was relocated to Xiashi Town. Hǎiníng is known for its leather industry and its leather-silhouette …

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