LOST PARADISES – Heloise Letissier / When creativity combines music with video art, drawings and photography.

The pansexual artist, romantic or emotional, regardless of the gender identity of the people.

Here was born a special French songwriter.  It’s France’s sixth biggest city, an important university town with a rich variety of bars and pubs. Visiting Nantes you can know “Le Briord“, a rustic café with local art displayed on the walls. https://www.lebonbon.fr/nantes/drink-decouvertes/le-briord-a-la-bonne-franquette/ One Saturday a month, here you’ll find special Camembert evenings (a soft cheese and flowery rind, produced in Normandy).

In her youth, parents recommended writers such as Sarah Waters and Judith Butler, because their works served both as inspiration. Her work combines music with art videos, drawings and photography. She is a French singer, songwriter and producer. HELOISE LETISSIER was born in Nantes into a June day 1988’s. She studied theatre, before forming her solo musical group “Christine and the Queens”. Describing her genre as “freakpop”, she dedicated many of her creations to all transgender individuals. In 2010, when she visited London, she was inspired by the work of local drag queen musicians, and they then became her “Queens” as a backing band. In 2014, she identified herself as pansexual, declaring her sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people (regardless of their sex or gender identity).

Human Warmth, is her debut album studio, re-released in 2015 with new songs. The album was first released in France, and released in United States on 2015. For its American release, many the tracks were reworked with English vocal and revamped beats. The American version was released in the UK in 2016 but reverted to its original French title. The English version of the album was released in the UK, peaking at No. 2 on 29 July 2016. As of April 2018, the album has sold 220,000 units in the UK. “Paradis perdus” it’s an her song, the fourth and final single from her debut studio album Chaleur Humaine. That song was written by Christophe and Jean Michel Jarre.

LOST PARADISES – In my jacket of pink silk I walk, feeling gloomy, the twilight is magnificent. Heartless, how could you be so heartless. Dandy a bit accursed, a bit aged in that crashing luxury. Do you remember when I was singing in the cellars of London a bit drowned in the smoke this sophisticated rock, every night you was staying here. Heartless, how could you be so heartless. Bandit, a bit accursed, a bit aged. The musicians are wrinkled and this keyboard is pretty, I’m trying to remember once again, the chords of this rocking rock, like Englishmen. Heartless, how could you be so heartless. In the night I hear them talk the coldest story ever told somewhere far along his road he lost his soul to a woman so heartless.

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