LEARNING KEYBOARD AND PIANO – Rapperiya Baalam, Rajasthan’s songwraiter

He was born in 1992 at Dabla (district Sriganganagar, Rajasthan). After completing primary school, he moved to Jaipur in 2006 for secondary and college education, where he started learning keyboard and piano in 2012. Ashok Manda Bishnoi, better known by his stage name RAPPERIYA BAALAM is a songwriter. He became famous in 2014 with “Mharo Rajasthan” (a fusion hip hop hip hop), which has become one of Rajasthan’s most popular songs. His other achievements are “Hariyala Banna” and “Dil Mere”. Known for his experiments in popular music in Rajasthan, he came out with “Hariyala Banna” in 2016, a song that earned 3 million hits in three months, becoming one of the popular songs among young people. Dabla is a village located in the district of Sikar. The closest train station is Sikar. The name of this old village comes from a grass known as “dab”. This district is famous as a pilgrimage site. Each month, before the full moon, a fair is organized, and devotees come from all over the country. A great festival takes place every year between February and March. After the Battle of Mahābhārata, the head of Barbarika had been launched into the river Rupawati by Lord Krishna. After many years that head was found in this district, in the village of Khatu.

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